The power of cat purrs


According to a recent article there may be healing power in a cat’s purr and that humans can benefit physically from a purring cat.

Cat purrs have been linked to lowering stress, strengthening bones and even reducing the risk of heart-attack.

Cat purr vibrations within a range of 20 to 140 Hz have been known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses including lowering blood pressure, healing infection and swelling, plus healing bones and muscles.

I have observed the therapeutic benefits of a purring cat in my own home. When my daughter was doing Year 12 at school (Pre University) a kitten came into our home.

I really believe that this sleepy, purring little bundle on my daughter’s knee at the end of the day significantly reduced her stress. As a result, it reduced everyone’s stress!

Although this article is only about cats, I think that grieving children can benefit from the therapy provided by other animals and pets.

Now our purring little bundle has grown, and can now be heard snoring!  This too, strangely, brings comfort, knowing she is deeply contented and relaxed.

My only caution is to remember that little animals grow into big animals, and they will be part of the family for years!

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