Who I Am and Why I’m Here


Hi, I’m Leeony and I am very interested in the way we respond in our thinking, our emotions and our behaviours when we are grieving.

For many years I felt like there were time when I just spun around and around, not knowing why I was feeling the way I was, or why my thinking became so skewed.

What I understand and realise now, it that I was experiencing a grief reaction, which was my body’s way of protecting me, and is quite a normal response.

However it took me some time to understand this, and after many years, I now listen to my body and my thinking, and the way I act in certain situations, and connecting the dots has brought great understanding, strength and resilience.

I think if I had better understanding of this sooner, I could have short circuited the merry-go-round and jumped off and gotten on with life better.

We have all been through ‘stuff’, and I like to help kids, and adults, dealing with their ‘stuff’ because I think the earlier useful life strategies are learnt, the better.

My stuff includes a family history of alcoholism, depression, anxiety, domestic violence then as an adult, post natal depression, bereavement, gun violence and PTSD.

The residue of childhood trauma and abuse can go on for a lifetime, and it doesn’t have to.  There are many other life event that can cause grief like moving house, losing a job, and broken relationships, all which I have experienced.

I believe knowledge is power, and there is always hope.

Leeony   🙂


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