A possible remedy for lonliness


Group Activies

I go through phases when I enjoy time to myself and the solitary quiet.

There are other times when I want feel lonely and want the company of others.

When we don’t have this companionship, we may feel isolated and long for the love, joy, laughter, understanding and support that comes from other people.

A remedy for this is to find your community.  Seek out others around you.

This could mean making connections with your neighbours, a sporting club, a service group, an environmental group or community garden, a church or a special interest group that is relevant to you. Volunteering can be fulfilling and is another great way to meet people.

Lawn Bowls

Brene Brown (2017), tells us that making connections with another person may require us to become vulnerable.  It means taking a chance and opening up to others.

It may feel uncomfortable at first, but it gives others a glimpse of who we are, and we may be rewarded by making that longed for connection with like-minded others.

If we don’t tell others about ourselves, how will they ever know the unique experiences and attributes we bring to the table?

It could also mean a connection doesn’t happen right away.  Keep trying.  Be persistent.  Everyone has something to offer others.

Making connections with others requires some effort on our part.


It may mean stepping out of our comfort zone, but ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ has always been my motto to live by.

I love horse riding and found a satisfying way to reconnect with my youth and with others.

Here I am, whispering sweet nothings into Trixie’s ear…while trying to hold on and take a picture.


If we don’t give it a try, we will never know what could be waiting for us.


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Problem solving with your POOCH

Ever had a problem that seemed too hard to solve?


POOCH is an acronym for a model to assist in problem solving and decision making.

Being a ‘visual’ person, seeing it written down helps me to make sense of the problem.

I have used this on many occasions and have recommended it to others who have found it to be a very useful tool.

Here is how it works:
P – PROBLEM – what is the problem?
O – OPTIONS – what can you do? (include every possible scenario)
O – OUTCOMES – what will happen if you act on that option?
C – CHOICE – what have you decided?
H – HOW – how are you going to do it? How did it go?

Rate each of your options and outcomes with a face – smiling / frowning / or neutral.

This will help you to sort out and identify the a likely way forward.

POOCH can really give you clarity, help organise your thoughts, and bring you peace of mind.

Download this form to help solve that problem.

POOCH Problem Solving Model

Free Image from Pixabay