What hasn’t already been said?

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There is so much information going about at the moment in our changing world.

I’m just about to come out of two weeks voluntary self isolation after returning from overseas.

For those who are in isolation or will need to self isolate, here are some things that have helped me.

Limiting news services and social media – I have watched one news broadcast at night, and do a social media catch up at the end of the day. When I could feel myself winding up, I switched it off.

Mixing up every day so it’s not the same – Routine might be good when things are normal, but right now a routine makes me quickly feel bored and like I’m in a box.  For kids this will be different, as they feel secure with a routine.

Achieve something each day – I felt better at the end of the day knowing I had achieved something or completed a task and that the day hadn’t been a complete waste of time.

Use the time to getting those ugly jobs done – I cleaned the fridge, washed windows, organised photos and weeded the garden. Gah.

Try and keep the snacks out of the house – I was trapped here a few times as they make a pity party too easy. I thought I would do something random like bake a cake. I ate the thing the same day.   I only did this once.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – Doing some reading, craft, working on a hobby and having downtime when you normally wouldn’t is okay.   Give yourself permission to do these things to maintain your well being in this difficult time.

Remember this is only a season – This won’t last forever.

Go out into nature and get some sunlight – Spending time in the backyard was really helpful.

Have the inside blinds up – This helped me to feel like I wasn’t in a cave when I could see the sky and trees.

Try and stay in the present moment – Keep your thinking in ‘today’ and what you’re doing today. Letting my mind wander to the future only increased my anxiety. This wasn’t always easy to do, but I recognised when I was getting wound up that I had to change what I was doing and what I was thinking about.

Exercise – I pulled out the exercise bike and hand weights from the shed, and have utilised a lot of exercise routines on YouTube. There are a lot of exercise routines using just body weight that are available.   Sometimes I just made it up.

My belief system (Christian) helped me a lot and kept me grounded. Watching YouTube services and having time in prayer and reflection help to keep me focused and calm.

Enjoy your hobby – I was able to complete some unfinished projects and have started a new one.

Audiobooks – Helped a lot to listen to something when doing the ugly jobs. I accessed mine through my local library.

Phone calls – I really appreciated friends who rang to see how I was going. This then prompted me to ring others instead of a text or email someone. That contact made a huge difference.

Stan, Netflix and Disney can breaking up the day. I found if I sat watching the box too long it bored the heck out of me. I used them as a reward after doing the ugly jobs. I also just sat down and watched something guilt free if I felt like crap.

Utilise home deliveries – I had some groceries delivered. My sister made a delivery for me but she was made to feel like a leper, even though we only talked through the closed window. I didn’t want to put her through this again. My neighbours are enjoying Uber Eats, but I’m not sure they are self isolating.  Yes, I wished I was eating pizza too but then I thought about the money I was saving.   It helped..a bit.

I’m trying hard not to focus on my end day of voluntary self isolation, which is coming up soon. Focusing on the end of this takes me out of what I’m doing today.

It feels like I’ve stepped out of the world and I’m going to step back into a completely different world.

Just trying to ride the wave.

Blessings, Leeony

blueskiestomorrow.com  – There is always hope

blueskiescraft.com –  Using art and craft to restore

Image – thank you Pixabay   https://pixabay.com/images/search/lone%20tree/



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