Help for children who have lost a loved one


Children can feel lonely when they lose someone they love. Here are some thoughts to help support children close to us.

Children need the support of their family, school and special others when they experience the death of a loved one.

Remembering the person who died is important.   This can be done through photographs, journals, memory boxes, planting a tree or special garden, and visiting special and significant places.

Help children to express how they feel and help them to identify feelings of sadness, anger, guilt and confusion.   Create healthy outlets for these powerful emotions.

Establishing and keeping routines is an important process when a child’s world has been turned upside down.

Answer children’s questions about the death of their loved one.   Be real.   Kids know when you’re faking it.

Teachers and school counsellors can be a useful resource for children who need understanding and support.

Allow children to have a say in the decision making process.   Ask them if they want to attend the funeral of their loved one or go to a viewing.

Some children may think they are to blame for the death of their loved one.   Seek out any faulty thinking they may have, and explain they are not to blame.

Children learn from other children.   Support groups or camps for children who have experienced loss may help the grieving process.

Let them tell the story from their perspective.  Everybody sees things a different way.